Seo-u Shabu Shabu 서우샤브샤브

Shabu Shabu is great when it is done right. First there should be good broth. It should be clearish, light in flavor but with body. There should be ample amounts of veggies and a healthy portion of meat or seafood.

To do it all well takes effort and dedication. Restaurants tend to skimp on different aspects of it in order to present the idea of Shabu Shabu but it usually lacks in flavor.

Luckily this is not the case at Seo-u Shabu Shabu. The ingredients are fresh and ample. You get a heap of vegetables and a good kimchi dumpling to add to their fresh tasting broth. The broth has body but it is not over-powering- it takes on the characteristics of the ingredients and gets better over time. For one serving of beef Shabu Shabu (18,000 won) you get a lot of meat. With the seafood Shabu Shabu (25,000 won) you'll get shrimp, giant mussle, clam, shrimp and baby octopus.

The sauces are good as well. You'll get a light soy and a vinegared chili sauce. Oh, the meal starts with a small tuna steak salad which was memorable as well.

You'll get some green noodles after you finish all the meat and veggies and to finish your meal you'll get congee (this rice porridge was the only thing that didn't really stand out.)

For dessert there was tart raspberry drink as a digestive.

Overall, a great meal. I will be heading there again.

Seo-u Shabu Shabu
서울시 송파구 방이동 180-3번지 올림픽타워빌 2충
Dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul Bangi-dong 180-3 Olympic Tower Ville 2Fl

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