Incentive Events and Tours in Seoul, South Korea

Since I started working at O'ngo Food Communications, I have been lucky to work with amazing companies to help organize their events and incentive trips to Seoul. We have worked with numerous groups such as Yahoo!, Oracle, YPO (Young President's Organization), INSEAD, Yale Business School. LSG Sky Chefs, and many more companies.

Bonuses and vacation days can only motivate an employee so much. Why not offer them an experience that they will treasure forever and ingratiate them to your company?

Seoul, Korea is becoming one of the top destinations for travelers for its combination of modern and old, the lush land, rich history, palaces, pop culture and delicious food.

O'ngo Food Communications has been offering high-end incentive experiences for our clients that focus on food and drinks. We offer custom tours for our clients to match their needs and agendas. We work with convention centers, transport companies, airlines, restaurants, and hotels to give you a no-fuss experience that lets the guests focus on enjoying their time while networking with their fellow employees and other businesses.

Our most popular incentive experience has been our Night Dining Tour. We take groups to 4 different local restaurants, markets and bars while learning about the food and drinking culture. Guests get an insider's look into Korean culture while trying artisan rice wine, kimchi, barbecue, and other specialties.

Another popular experience has been our cooking class and market tour. Guests learn to make a variety of different Korean dishes such as kimchi, bulgogi, and spicy chicken and then share a meal together as a group.

For those looking for a fine Korean meal, we have organized gala dinners at specialty restaurants with entertainment or lectures for those that would like a great Korean or western meal.

We work closely with Seoul's largest convention center, COEX, so we can arrange everything from hotels, airlines, event planning, and experience tours.

Clients we have worked on for incentive tours include, LSG Sky Chefs, PF Chang's Restaurant, World Dermatology Congress, Yahoo! Korea, Novartis, Les Toques Blanc Korean Chef's Assocation, Hyundai USA's Kia Division, The US Military, Fujimien Hotel, and Seauton's International Incentives.

Here is an introduction to our incentive tour program here.

Download our Incentive Tour Brochure here. If you are looking for a special event, send us your requirements and ask us for a quote.


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