Sheraton D-Cube City

The Sheraton Hotel is integrated into the D-Cube City Complex. The D-Cube city complex is one of the most innovative new constructions in the world and it is one of the vanguards of what integrated shopping and living will be in the future.

Mr. Do-yoon Cha, the man behind the concept and the development of D-Cube City, is a nature lover and a foodie. This is evident in the foliage and 3 parks in the complex as well as the variety of restaurants and eateries throughout. The complex is impressive. As you enter from Sindorim Station exit 1, you’ll see glitzy storefronts, foliage, and eateries. You’ll find a three story H & M and Uniqlo stores as well as Zara, Guess, and Adidas and many more. The complex is like a biodome with real foliage around the entire construction and there is even a waterfall from the 5th floor to the bottom. Yes, there is a hotel built into D-Cube City and on the other side a modern apartment construction attached to the complex via skybridge.

It’s a city so impressive that I could just imagine that it would be an amazing backdrop for the next James Bond Movie. You would have a villain, let’s name him Glorious Octo-mas (he’s a Greek guy) that would have built this amazing new city of the future but there is a sinister secret. Underneath the clean running biodome of the future, the city is run on Nuclear fusion which is being used to create a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) for North Korea. And of course, James Bond would have to come in and destroy this pretty new construction, sleep with some beautiful girls, and kill the bad guys.

Anyway, back to D-Cube City. The Sheraton D-Cube Hotel is one of the newest hotels in the city. They have very large rooms and excellent dining and convention facilities. It is currently ranked number 2 on tripadvisor for Korea. Every time I have visited, the staff have been very attentive and kind. Their dining buffet on the top floor at Feast is top notch. I could have easily spent all day at their chocolate fountain with a bowl of strawberries. The hotel has an excellent view of the city as well-especially at night. Overall, a top notch hotel with world class service.

Of course, you might want to venture out of your hotel and luckily you are attached an amazing complex. The food in D-cube city is unbelievably good. In the complex you’ll find Mist: Chubuya; the first Michelin star winning ramen shop from Hong Kong. The freshly made noodles have zip and the broth the swim in is golden rich. The tender pork melts in your mouth and the star anise sprinkled gyoza are awakening. You’ll also find the World Barista Champion’s cafe: Paul Bassett Espresso and the top-flight bulgogi restaurant: Sariwon. Sariwon is famous for their healthy, balanced fruit marinade for their thinly sliced beef cooked on copper pans. There is also Tenro, an opulent Japanese restaurant offering coursed meals and precision cut sushi and sashimi.

World Street Food offers a wide range of Italian, American, and Japanese restaurants as well as cafes. You can get curry, hamburgers, dumplings, pizza, or ramen. China Feng on the 6th floor is a recreation of early Shanghai. You’ll be greeted by the sound of a traditional Chinese music being played as chefs prepare and steam stacks of dimsum. The view from this floor at night feels like a quiet dinner in a John Woo action movie just before the shooting starts.

Korean Food Street is the centerpiece of the complex. The restaurants are spaced out as it was part of a Korean village. The eateries are under hanok-style roofs and there are a number of well-placed Korean artifacts such as ceramic kimchi pots, bells, and kitchens. There are booths where Korean tofu can be seen being made by hand. The food here is exciting and various. You can get everything from simple home-style soups to delicious marinated meat barbecue to even street food. The service here is fast and boisterous and the mood of the whole food street is of joyous wonder. It is incredible to sit in a wooden porch in one of the most technologically advanced, ecological complexes in the world.

There is something for everyone at D-Cube City. There is Poporo park (a popular children’s animation character) for little kids, a sauna for those looking to relax, an art gallery, a performance space and a 5-star hotel: the magnificent Sheraton Hotel. You could easily spend days at D-Cube City and not lack a single luxury. This truly is the city of the future.

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