Book on Food Trends in Korea

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I am happy to announce that my book on food trends in Korea has just been released on the itunes book store. You can read it on your Apple ipad or ipad mini. If the initial reception is positive, I might open it up to other platforms. It is more of a research report than an in-depth book. I had initially written it because during our tours and cooking classes we meet a number of professionals in the food and hospitality industry. Many of them are looking to open restaurants in Korea or to import or export products to and from Korea. Many of these people first come to Korea to do viability research.

While I am happy to discuss at length about the food industry and trends in Korea, I wanted to create a book that would let people see it in written form. I hope this book is useful for professionals in the food industry and give insights into trends into next year.


Korean food has become more popular this year than ever before. While many have been calling for it to become the next international hit, in Korea the food trends are quite different. As food prices rise and the local palate becomes more sophisticated, restaurants and the food industry is turning away from low margin Korean food and are leaning more towards international cuisines and fast food.

Apple itunes link:

Food Journalists that would be interested in writing a review on the book can receive a voucher. Contact me at to inquire. Please let me know which publication/ website you write for.


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