Live Blog: Lunch at O'neul in Dongbingo

We are at the new restaurant O'neul in Dongbingo which was an area that a long time ago was used to make ice. The chef is Pak Jeon-so who cooks for VIPs. Apparently.




We started with a black sesame porridge which was quite good. Nutty and bits of rice. Next was a mussel soup. The mussels were very clean and plump. Soup was light and had a bit if spice from the chilies.







The main courses were flavorful and refined. I can appreciate the care that went into the preparation of the banchan, kimchis and stocks. The clear beef broth yukgyejang was light and had spice from the shredded beef. The kimchi mackerel stew was spicy and sour. The star was the braised oxtail. The meat was tender and the sauce was savory and sour. Very good and there was plenty of meat. Overall, the food was good and refined but for the Korean palate. Someone new to Korean food might have found the food a bit rustic. The mackerel was oily with the big leaves of sour kimchi. The beef was shredded a bit too thin. The oxtail was amazing though and guests would understand the quality of ingredients used.

For a high-end Korean restaurant it is quite good. It has a style that is like Poom. It is hearty and refined with a naturalistic edge. For people familiar with Korean Cuisine, this is a treat. Service is courteous and knowledgable as well.

Oh, the green mugwort waffle at the end was a nice finish and worth going back for.

O'neul the Korean Cuisine
2.5 Stars out of 5
Yongsan-gu, Dongbingo-dong 1-54 zip 140-809

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