Look Mom! I'm in USA Today

Thanks to Psy, Korea seems to be quite popular right now. The good thing is that every journalist needs to eat. I was lucky enough to show USA Today Journalist Jayne Clarke around in Gangnam.

Here is what Jayne had to say about our tours:
'Amazing place' for food

New Yorkers Adam Wadler and his wife, Vivian Chen, have come to Seoul primarily to eat. Researching their dining-centric trip presented a bit of an "information hurdle," he says. "But it's an amazing place. I'm really glad I came."

They've hooked up with Daniel Gray of O'ngo Food Tours for a whirlwind evening at a trio of Gangnam restaurants. It begins at Seoyeon, a six-table noodle shop famous for its handmade pork dumplings. Next stop is Bon Barbecue, where tables have grills and individual exhaust fans. Then it's on to a Kkanbu Chicken for Korean fried chicken, though this KFC — extra crispy outside and super-moist inside — bears little resemblance to KFC franchise fare.

They wash down the food with Korean beer, soju (a distilled vodka-like rice drink) andmakgeolli, or "farmer's liquor." Like many a night out in Seoul, it ends at a noraebang, a private karaoke room.

Thank you so much, Jayne. You can read the rest of the article here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2012/11/29/gangnam-style-puts-seoul-on-the-travel-map/1736497/

Come join our Gangnam Food Tours at O'ngo Food Communications.

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