Incheon Port to Seoul City Tour

The main reason why the Seoul Eats website can continue is because of the Korea Tourism Company, O'ngo Food Communications. Here is another great tour for travelers to Korea. Especially for those coming in by ship to the Incheon Port. - Dan


Incheon port is one of the most important areas for Korea because it was how Korea first interacted with the western world. Later when it was under attack from North Korea during the Korean War (1950-1953), it was a start of the standoff for liberation. 60-some years later, Korea has developed into an industrial power while North Korea flounders.  Our Incheon Port to Seoul City Tour is a tour that will show you a mix of the old and the new. Our English-speaking, friendly guides will pick you up at Incheon port in our comfortable vans (4-person van or 7-person van: Kia Caravan) and then take you on a journey through Korea. We'll drive you into one of the largest and densest cities in the world, Seoul. Our tours are customizable and focus on great sights and tastes of Korea. In one day, you'll get a taste of the local culture. We'll take you from port to the city and back in 1-day while you get to learn about the history and the culture.

Incheon Port To Seoul City Tour Schedule:
9am pickup at port
1045am arrive in Seoul go to Kwangjang Market to have famous street food.
11:30pm Go to Gyeongbukgung Palace and Folk Art Museum
12:30 eat Korean barbecue for lunch
1:30pm Visit Bukchon Hanok Village (Korean Traditional Village
2:30pm Visit Ewha Woman's University (Famous architecture)
3:00pm Visit Hongdae Art University Area
3:30pm Start drive back to Incheon Dock (traffic is heavier in the midday)

Cost per group of 5 people or 7 people is 550 USD. English Guide, Admissions to palaces are included. Transport to and from the dock, city, tolls, gas, parking are all included.

Lunch and snacks would be around 15 USD extra a person.

Come Explore Korea with us!

O'ngo Food Communications

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