Delectable Travel's Best Jeju Island Tour for 3 days and 2 Nights

If you are interested in going to Jeju Island, our tour company, Delectable Travels, has developed a great Jeju Island Tour for those looking to visit Korea's Hawaii. It is a 3-day 2-night tour package that focuses on the best sights on the island along with great food. Airfare, hotels, guide and transport are included.

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Korea's largest island features plenty of sights, from the gorgeous to the bizarre. When it's time to get away from the hustle-bustle of the big city, or to see the cleanest natural beauties Korea has to offer, Jeju offers both respite and a return to nature.

Historically Korean territory, the citizens of Jeju have traditionally had a distinct dialect, along with thousands of folk tales and plenty of maritime traditions. A couple elements worth noting are the hae-nyeo (literally 'sea women'), who would dive underwater for edible seaweed and shellfish, and the dol-ha-reu-bang (literally 'old grandfather stone statues'), which you'll see scattered throughout the islands.

Since the island is volcanic, the volcanic rocks are often seen creating the fences that run along the road, and are often stacked to make bang-sa-tap, or small round towers built to protect the villagers from bad luck.

Throughout the mainland, the main meals of bap (rice) and guk (soup) have been staples for centuries; here on Jeju island, japgokbap (rice mixed with barley, millet, and beans) and jaban (salted dried fish). A number of banchan (side dishes) are commonly found on both the mainland and the island, and are generally quite similar. Two foods to try while on the island include their famous gam-gyul,  or the sweet orange tangerine, and black pork, which sport black hair and are quite chewy.

What to see? There are far more sights on Jeju than we can pack in even a two-week itinerary. There really is something for everyone here:

  • Avid hikers will enjoy the  dozen-plus Olle trails along the southern coast. If you're not up for a lengthy hike, there are plenty of shorter ones around.

  • Outdoorsy people will have plenty to see, including the Sunrise Peak, Udo and Manjanggul (the longest lava tubes in the world)

  • Photographers will appreciate the beauty of the nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the rock cliffs and formations all around the island.

  • Couples will enjoy some of the more salacious museums and exhibitions, including Loveland.

  • Families will enjoy some of the children-friendly museums, including the teddy bear museum and the maze parks.

  • If you enjoy getting lost in the woods, the massive Hallasan National Park offers a chance to do just that.

When it's time to leave, there will be plenty of souvenirs around to remember your time on Jeju - miniature versions of the grandfather statues, the tangerines, and some tangerine-flavored chocolates will also be around.

We custom-make every itinerary to fit your interests and personal requests, so you'll always be seeing the places you're most interested in seeing. Please contact us at to check availability.

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Delectable Travel's Best Jeju Island Tour for 3 days and 2 Nights

3-day 2-night itineraries for Jeju Island
Day 1
After meeting your guide, you will be transferred to Gimpo Airport. You'll board your plane and then fly 50 minutes to Jeju. In the air, you will see different scenery from above and then feel the warm climate of Jeju. Your guide will pick you up from the airport and drive you along the beautiful scenic road to the Western coast of Jeju Island. We'll walk along the coast and see the sites. For lunch, we'll have the island's specialty: heok tweggi: Jeju black pork BBQ. After a filling and delicious lunch we'll head to Beophyun Beach whose emerald waters are refreshing and make the perfect background for a pleasant vacation memory. We'll get refreshed at a local famous cafe for coffee and snacks. We'll then drive to Olleh Path to explore the coasts and historical sites of Jeju. At Jeju, we'll stay at the stylish Blue Bay Penthouse which has large rooms, separate kitchens and gardens.
-Hotel: Jeju Penthouse 3-star (or similar).
-Room type: Standard twin/double
-Meals: Breakfast-Lunch- Dinner

Day 2
On Day 2, you will travel to the Eastern coast of Jeju. First, we'll drive to Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sungsan Sunrise Peak), which is definitely one of the landmarks of Jeju. We'll then visit Seopjikoji (filming location of the Korean drama "All In"): Jeju's stone cape or we can visit Ilchulland which is a beautiful botanical garden with Micheon Cave. For lunch, we'll have a Korean tasting menu of different Korean dishes such as meat, salad, soup, kimchees and rice. After lunch, we'll transport you in time to Seongeup Folk Village, which is old village has been kept traditional Jeju's culture. After Seongeup Folk Village, you will be guided to the fun and cute Teddy Bear Museum. We'll go to a Korean Charcoal Sauna to take a steaming bath and sweat out all of your stress. For dinner we'll have a seafood feast of grilled shellfish or raw fish and live octopus.

-Hotel: Jeju Penthouse 3 star (or similar).
-Room type: Standard twin/double
-Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

3 After checking out of your the penthouse, our guide will take you to see the Haeyno: the women divers of Jeju that swim the deep waters to catch abalone and other sea-life. You might have seen these women in the television show the Kimchi Chronicles. On your way to Airport, you will stop at the gravity-defying Mysterious Road. We'll then get to the airport and catch your flight to Seoul and drive to your hotel, or your designated place.

-Hotel: None
-Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

/800,000 won per person (Discounts for over 4 people). Airfare, accommodations, meals, English speaking guide, transport, gas, tolls, tips, and parking all included. Tours are customizable so we can change to your preferences but surcharges might be incurred.

Prices during peak seasons may be higher. Upgrades such as first class airfare upgrades and meal upgrades are due to extra charge.

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