My Ode to Cheese: Wine Buffet at Bar Rouge at JW Marriot Hotel





Oh, Cheese, how I love to cut you.
The stinker and riper the better.

Oh, Cheese, how I love to pair you.
Dried fruits, hard nuts, and cured meats are your perfect bedfellows (a cracker just seems so plebeian)

Oh, Cheese, how I love to wine you.
You are so cosmopolitan and you are fine mingling with Italians, Australians, Africans, French, and Americans.

Oh, Cheese, lets stay together forever.
Lets see each other at every meal and every snack time. Lets make little cheese babies and help them mature into pillars of modern society.

Cheese, thank you for showing me a new world.
Thank you for just being cheese.
You complete me.


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