Spicy Baby Octopus at Insadong Jukumi




I went for a quick dinner with a friend last night in Insadong and we found a new place doing spicy baby octopus.

The place is a clean, refurbished hanok and the place has a cute vibe. There are hand-drawn menus on the table and on one wall there is a sign written in calligraphy that reads: today is a good day for baby octopus (jukumi).

The food comes out in a hotpan and the sauce is flavorful. It is a bit spicy though so it is not for the weak. To balance out the spice you can add bean sprouts or ask for steamed egg (개란찜) (3,000 won).

The place is reasonably priced as well. Jukumi is 10,000 a person and 12,000 if you want to add pork belly.

Insadong Jukumi
2-stars (flavorful and reasonably priced. Service is terse, but I think it is because they are very new)
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


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