The Civilized Majesty of London









I am impressed with London. The streets, the architecture, the people, the food. I am impressed. The subways and are clean and efficient. The cabbies are wonderful people (and I love the cars). It's a hip city and I am impressed.

I am in London as an representative of Seoul for the food company Chowzter who has curated all the best eats around the world by picking local experts. I am humbled to be the representative for the food city of Seoul. This Sunday they will be having an award ceremony to pick the tastiest fast eats in the world. I am hoping that some dishes from Korea will make the list.

Until then, I am hanging out this great group of foodies and we'll be exploring London's great culinary landscape. I have also done some journeying of my own. Last night I was lucky enough to dine at the private club of Mosimann's. The dinner was exceptional. This morning I am having a full English breakfast at South Place Hotel. The excellent hotel that the Chowzter folks have put us up at. It is big and rich and wow. I love the combination of sausage, bacon, and black pudding. Now if I ate this every day I think I would explode.

I will write more soon about my trip soon. I have a giant breakfast to finish right now.






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