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I had an epic food day. I mean I don't ever think I have ever eaten so much. I took two food tours in one day. One was with Mind the Gap Tours in the morning starting at 930am and then I took a food tour with the Chowzter group.

First I took a tour with Mind the Gap. I made a very last minute booking in the morning because I didn't know what was scheduled for the day. I took a 20 pound taxi ride from my hotel to Brixton Station to start. I love the taxis here and it is a great way to see the city. If I had time to take the underground I would have, but I couldn't that morning.

I met the group at Brixton Station at 930am and there was a very cheerful group of 10 others. Most were locals, while 4 of us were from overseas: 3 americans (including me) and a person from Singapore. Our guide (shucks, I can't recall her name) started us out with introductions and an overview of the area. We had some tastings on the street. The first bite was a Jamacian salt cod sandwich and a cup of Guinness punch to wash this down. The guinness punch was epic. It had sweetened condensed milk, guinness and other goodness. It is definitely better than coffee in the morning.

We then had an epic egg custard tart at a nearby bakery and then took a stroll through the Brixton Market and learned about the history. I learned that Van Gogh was a resident in the area and that they have their own type of currency in the area. Our guide was very informative and knowledgable. We had a few more little tastings before having a sitdown at Salon where we had local cheeses and charcuteries with some espresso stout and ginger ale. We then took a double decker bus to another market: Borough Market. This market was amazing and I loved the food there. For the tasting we had a chorizo sandwich and I learned that in the market they filled popular movies like Harry Potter, Bridget Jones Diary and Load, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

It was a good morning and I learned a lot. Both markets are worth going to and having a guide introduce them made it much more memorable.


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