Hello World Are you There?






20130509-084623.jpg Sometimes I wonder if I am just blogging into the void or if people are still reading the blog. I get emails every once in a while about posts but comments have gone down. I seem to get more complaints about the slowness of the site or the things I should do more of.

The blog has been and will continue to be a hobby. My life and business keeps me quite busy so I can't post as often as I like. Also I have gotten myself into a serious relationship and this keeps me out living instead of sitting at the computer. (If I sit in front of it too long, I upset someone special).

Yes, there are some contributors on the blog and I thank them for it but overall I think I need to rethink the direction of this blog. It is not fun for me right now and I feel this is evident in the posts.

I think what I will do is post the reviews and such I have in waiting and take a step back and rethink the direction of this blog. If you have suggestions, I would be happy to hear them.

All the best,


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