Epic Weekend in Seoul




20130512-141520.jpg I had another epic weekend. Te weather was great and I had great guests visit us in Seoul. Friday I went out to Koelli Pochana with my friends for dinner. The pad Thai there was pretty good.

20130512-141740.jpg The whole place has a grungy feel to it like being on the streets in Thailand. I like the food but I think a tad over priced for the atmosphere (12,000 for pad Thai, 15,000 for panaeng curry). In the curry I did like the mushrooms and thickness of the curry.

20130512-142139.jpgAfterwards I won't to he magpie basement to grab some beers and a slice of pizza. The pizzas were ok. They were crispy on the bottom, the cheese was cooked till brown but the dough needs something. It just doesn't have the right body- it is a bit airy.

20130512-142421.jpg Saturday I had a food tour all day and then I saw the lantern festival at night. Now I am sitting and about to watch Iron Man 3 in 4D. More on that later.


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