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20130518-160159.jpg Yesterday was a great day. I went to an art exhibition in Seogyodong with my fiance and tried some great food in the area. I really like the Hansung University area and even went to check out some apartments in the area. Yes, it seems like the next stage of my life is coming and I am doing what I can to make it happen. It's amazing how your life goals change when you meet someone special. Maybe it's just the spring, but I have to say, I feel new. It's nice to know that someone is on your side and that they'll be there to support you. It's also great to meet someone that share a great meal with.




Yesterday, I went to Bapjikgo (밥짓고 티우림) Tea Woorim. This is a place famous for their handmade banchan and jangachi. Jangachi are Korean pickles that can be pickled in salt, vinegar, soy sauce, chilies and bean pastes. It is an old skill that is often lost these days but this restaurant prides itself on making them.

The restaurant is set in a Korean hanok and it has a tea house on the first floor and the restaurant on the second. When you enter the inner garden, you'll see kimchi pots and old Korean antiques. The menu here is Korean cuisine and you can get bibimbap, mandu stew and smoked duck with garlic/mustard sauce. Everything has a homey, village feel to it. The pickles are strong and they have brown rice with the meal so everything feels very healthy.

It is a picturesque place to have a lunch or a tea in the afternoon.

Bapjikgo Tea Woorim
밥짓고 티우림
Seongbukgu Dongsomundong 1ga 40bonji

Directions: Go out Hansung Station exit 6 and make the first right

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