Guest Post: Top Three French Bakeries in Seoul

There are many European expats including French businessmen that live in Seoul. Some of the perks they get from living in the beautiful Korean city are the low cost of living, great public transportation, security, and convenience. There are many stores, restaurants, and bakeries that are just walking distance from each other. You can wake up late at night for some quick snack or enjoy freshly-baked bread for breakfast. If you think that Seoul is all about Kimchi, Japchae, Bulgogi, and Bibimpap, then you got it all wrong. Some of you may be surprised to find out that there are many French patisseries or in Korean “patissier” in Seoul. Many Korean bakers even traveled to France to train before opening their own bakery in this megacity. If you are tired of eating meat, vegetables, and rice during your stay in Seoul, then grab some bread and pastries at any of these French bakeries:

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Craving for traditional French bread? Head to Hongdae where you will find Publique, a French patisserie owned by Chef Jang Eun-chul. Having worked in France as a baker for four years, you are assured of tasting authentic French bread and pastries in Chef Jang’s patisserie. He named his bakery Publique because this is where the public can enjoy dining and doing their thing like reading a book or playing online games. You can see some French businessmen playing online poker using their laptop or any Android device while indulging on Canneles Bordelais and sipping on Colombian coffee. Poker is quite popular in France and is now gaining popularity in Korea because of its accessibility. There are many internet poker providers that offer non-stop poker action including partypoker. You can now play your favorite card game anytime and anywhere you want. If you are new to this game, then you can learn easily by reading the basics of poker and watching video tutorials at partypoker. With skills and luck, you might win some cash that is enough to fly you to France.

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Paul & Paulina

If you are planning to go to this bakery, make sure to call in advance, unless you are willing to wait in line. Paul & Paulina is one of the most in-demand bakeries in Seoul because of their great selection of French bread and pastries, including the mouthwatering pain au chocolat and delectable peasant bread. Despite the long queue, people are still willing to wait because they are assured of having freshly-baked goodies.

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Pain de Papa

Do you miss the bread that your dad used to bake when you were still in France? Visit Pain de Papa to get a taste of organic bread made by Korean baker Lee Ho-Young. You can match that bread with Lee’s homemade spreads making you feel like you were back in your hometown. There are also many choices of brioches and croissants available at Pain de Papa.

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