Beer Line Sanitizer and Cleaners in Korea

Owning a small bar in Korea means that you have to keep the beer lines clean. I have been told to use a couple different solutions to do it. I was concerned about how to make a hand pump and I am not technically advanced enough to make one. I learned a trick from our beer supplier (craftworks). They rinse out their beer taps and fill it up with hot water and rinse it through the lines. But I am tempted to build my own hand pump cleaner like here. deck_sprayer

I found that boiling hot water works for now because my shop is new, this is a quick fix. However, I have read that over time the yeast left in the line and there is something called beer stone that can ruin the taste of the beer. I have been looking at some commercial solutions such as Desana Max but it can be quite pricey (about 5 USD a packet plus shipping). I have ordered it and once it arrives I will give it a try.

But I need a solution to clean now so I have been looking at some DIY solutions.

One involves using lemon juice and baking soda. The lemon juice is supposed to kill any of the bacteria and the baking soda is supposed help dissolve "beer stone" which is a sort of calcium buildup that can occur in the lines.

Other solutions are to use a a bleach and vinegar solution, but...I don't know if I want to run bleach through my lines. Plus I read this:

"You can kill yourself easily mixing bleach and vinegar. I wouldn't even consider it even diluted."


So...I haven't found a DIY solution yet, but I am starting to search through Korean sites to find the beer line cleaners. I will see what turns up. Ok. Off to work now. Later tonight I think I will try the lemon juice and baking soda solution for now.





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