Rant: Microwaved Bagels and Other Food Crimes

I Love Korea for the most part but some aspects really peeve me off especially when in the morning. I love western breakfast and it is so hard to get a decent one here that doesn't cost me 12 usd for some eggs, Hashbrowns and some fricken bacon. Geez...

Anyway, Dunkin Donuts really peeved me off today. I just wanted a bagel because I wanted to make a turkey sandwich (the fricken bakeries don't open early in my area and I don't want bread from a convenience store because it usually has margarine or sweet peanut butter in it...another food crime). I brought my own turkey from home and I asked the girl from dnd to slice the bagel. She asked if I wanted it in half (vertically)...((no... Who the heck does that!!)) grrr. She asked me if I wanted it heated. I was like sure. 30 seconds later I got a soft, hot, mushy bagel.

Food crimes happen all the time in Korea. I shared this with the Seoul Eats Facebook group and many personal stories of food crimes others have experienced here have been reported. Here are a few:

I had a scone at a coffee shop the other day and they microwaved it until it was too hot to eat. Scones should be served room temp. -MM

We went to a sushi place and they microwaved it. No joke, someone stayed at our table and if we took a plate they thought needed it (basically anything tempura item) they would grab it and zap it. Wtf? -JN

Don't get me started on the corn and maraschino cherries on pizza. -DH

See more food crimes and report your own on the <a href="http://www.facebook.com/groups/5539724983/">Seoul Eats Facebook group.</a>

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