Dessert: New York Cheesecake at Cheolsan Station

I am with my wife over by Cheolsan station having a coffee break with my wife and we found a decent cake shop. The interior is clean and the cake is tasty. I know the name says New York cheesecake but it is more Asian-style. What I mean is that it is lighter. Luckily it does taste cheesecake-esque.

My wife wanted the crepe cake so we got that. It was OK. A tad dry. The chocolate-layered cheesecake was really good. It was light and fluffy with creamy cheese cake icing.

It's nice to know you can get decent cheesecake outside of Seoul.

New York cheesecake
Gyeonggi-do Gwangmyeong cheolsandong 526
[네이버 지도] 경기도 광명시 철산동 526, <a href=""></a>

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