Review: 50/fifty: A Restaurant in Dire Need of even Half a Concept

As a food writer and restauranteur, the rise and fall of restaurants fascinate me. I can usually tell within a few visits if a restaurant will be successful or not. Most restaurants I see these days make fatal flaws that are hard to recover from. The biggest problem is usually rent and the startup costs which leaves nothing for operations afterwards. Concepts and Locations are also main factors. It seems like many restauranteurs have an "all in" plan and when customers call their bluff they quickly fold. 

Fifty, 50, is located by Jongno 3ga exit 6 and it is on the main drag right in the heart of the tent dining district. They started as a dining lounge and dance club. This concept failed and after 2 months they reopened as a chicken and beer place featuring craft beer. 

The problem is that they don't have craft beers on draft and their chicken is greasy and chips undercooked. Maybe it was because it wasn't busy, but when it isn't busy, shouldn't the cooks put more emphasis on putting out better food? 

And about the beer. Just because it isn't Cass or Hite doesn't make it a craft ale. They had Sam Miguel on draft as well. Lol. They did have a 7brau IPA but it is was their filtered draft therefore it doesn't require cold storage. It also doesn't taste as good. This is a pet peeve of mine because places are selling Platinum beer and the filtered 7 Brau and trying to sell it as craft beer. Platinum beer is made in China. 7 Brau is made here but they have quantity requirements in getting their unfiltered beers. 

Everyone deserves to make a buck but they shouldn't lie to consumers. Yes, I know craft beer is a trend but Korean consumers need to know the truth. The filtered beer is just like drinking Cass. So what is the point?

Also at this restaurant is this unfortunate statue. He is supposed to be playing a saxophone but it doesn't look that way. 

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