A Transition

It's been almost a decade of living in Korea and it has been good so far. I guess it has been also ten years of getting older, making and losing friends, working, changing jobs, etc. It's life after all. It has been good so far and I appreciate the patience it has given me. At times I feel like a lost child in Korea but somehow I find my way. I think it was my lack of direction and naivety that has been my foot in the door. 

Anyway, I need to get back to my roots and I need to be more real. I worked in a very academic environment for several years. It made me learn a lot and it is nice to be in school. The problem is that I have too much ambition and I like to see things happen. 

Anyway, next year is exciting to me. I have a family that depends on me and I need to do well for them. Let's get real. 

Also, I need to start focusing on my health. This is day 5 without a drink (I read you need 2 weeks for the liver to restore itself). I am making that effort and I have been exercising everyday. 

In the past I would exercise for the possibility of a date. Now I do it for the future. As I said this is a transition. 

No, it doesn't mean I am giving up on the blog. It means I am going to take it more seriously and get it back to a quality level. 


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