Review: Decent Indian Food at Indoro in Insadong

The idea that a decent non-Korean restaurant to exist on the traditional area of Insadong seems like a paradox. You go to Insadong to eat Korean food after all. There is a terrible Indian place on the main drag which I despise to this day. It is the worst. Anyway... Recently Indoro restaurant has opened near the main drag down from McDonalds. 

The place has a modern, festive interior and it offers a sanctuary in its 2nd floor local. The festa colored tables go with the Indian music and the Bollywood videos playing. 

The menu is extensive and moderately priced. You can get a palak paneer for 12,000 won or a lamb vindaloo for 15,000 won. 

The last time I came, I thought the dishes to be flavorful but a bit salty. So how was it this time? 

Very good and well balance. 

My wife and I ordered the Vegetable Thali for 14,000 won and a Mutton Rogan Josh for 15,000 won. The vegetable had 3 different curries, a naan, a roti, rice and mango chutney. Surprisingly, all were tasty especially the tomato coconut curry. It was also an excellent bargain for all that food. They have a meat Thali for 15,000 which I will have to get next time. The rogan josh was a very good curry as well. It was like a tomato/chili and vindaloo curry. Good chucks of meat in there as well. We ordered some saffron rice as well. The fragrant balsmati rice would have been enough and I regretted ordering the extra naan for it just wasn't needed. 

We finished with a sweet and creamy chai and a mango lassi. Both excellent. 

I guess I have to take my words back. There is now a decent Indian restaurant in Insadong. 

192-5 Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa)
Jongno-gu, Seoul
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