Review: Burgers and Taters at Left Coast Burgers

There is no shortage of "gourmet" burger joints in Korea. However few truly live up to the bill. Left Coast was inspired by California, USA to make Asian-inspired soul food. 

They have surprisingly gourmet accompaniments to their burgers such as homemade tater tots, kalbi fries (Korean short rib fries) and mac and cheese (mmm...mac'n cheese). On the burger front, they have three different types which are all made from freshly ground beef, handmade sauces, and served on their own homemade buns. 

The tangy and robust John Wayne Burger topped with melted sharp cheddar and crunchy onion rings is a taste of the American west. My favorite was the Juicy Lucy: a burger stuffed with American Cheese and cooked till the cheese is oozy. For those looking for something a little different, I would recommend getting the Little Piggy Bao Bun which has uber-savory pork belly topped with a sweet, tart sauce and a vinegary Asian slaw. The space is clean and slick and the open kitchen elevates the level of dining from a simple dine and dash to place to spend with friends.

Left Coast Burgers

Yongsan-gu Itaewon-dong 130-43 2nd Floor


Costs: 6,000-15,000 won


Article originally published in Seoul Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Pictures by Left Coast Burger

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