Reviews: Who has the Best Kebap in Itaewon?

When I have the time and make it into Itaewon to handout, it usually involves drinking, eating, drinking and then kebabs. Sunday night had kebab at two places: Pasha and Anakara Picnic (I had not been in Itaewon in a while so i decided to indulge. I guess you could say it is one of my last indulgences because I really have to go on a diet soon according to my doctor, but that is a story for another time. Anyway, the kebabs. 

At Pasha, I had the chicken and it was good. veggies were crispy. I thought the chicken was well spiced but a tad on the dry side. The yogurt sauce at Anakara picnic is better in my opinion. 

At Anakara Picnic, I had the lamb kebab. It was great. The lamb was moist and flavorful. I really like the veggie medley and pickles at Anakara. I think it just seems fresher. Also the sauce has a bit more lemon tang. 

Ok, so the other places I love in Itaewon is Sultan Kebab and Mr. Kebab. Sultan is the original and still one the best. Mr. Kebab is good if none of the other places are open. 

If I were to rank the best Kebab shops in Itaewon I would say:

1. Sultan
2. Anakara Picnic
3. Pasha
4. Petra (they do chicken shwarma)
5. Mr. Kebab

What are your thoughts?


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