Photoblog:Winter in Seoul

It's cold in Korea, so here is a photo essay of how you can stay warm.

Eat Odeng at Gwangjang Market. This ajumma has been here for 30 years. You'll see her in the main food area.

Eat bbongobang or red bean stuffed gold fish bread.

Wear Silly Hats
Go on a date
Koreans like to eat ice cream in the winter because they say it warms them up.
Dress warm
Drink pine needle tea or steamed pine needle rice cake
Eat Juk! Pumpkin Juk or red bean or black sesame
Eat Korean BBQ
Here are some pictures of winter in Korea. When I think of winter I think of Bungeobbang, O-deng, Panda caps, love, pumpkin juk, and people eating ice cream out in the cold. You just gotta love Korea.Dan

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