Preparing Meals for the Pregnant Korean Wife

My wife is entering her second trimester of her pregnancy and I have been trying to keep her well fed. We own two restaurants but she doesn't seem to enjoy the food much these days. She doesn't really like anything greasy at all and the taste of meat seems to offend her. She likes pastas, fresh fruits, salads, and bean sprouts. Kimchi, at times, will make her nauseous and so will many of the regular Korean foods she enjoys. 

I have been doing quite a few late night food runs for fruit- especially strawberries. Luckily in Korea they are readily available in December and January. 

I have been waiting for her to request a gourgefest of fried chicken, burgers, chips, ice cream and other goodies but...those foods are not what she (and my baby) craves. She'll ask for bibimbap or rice cake or some times spicy octopus (which she knows she can't have). I will go get her gopchang (spicy intestines) or soondae (blood sausage) and she'll take one bite and then ask for something else. They are not foods I enjoy so it is a bit frustrating at times. 

We are starting to find stuff she likes. For example, she loves pancakes and French toast which I will top with fruit. Sometimes she will eat a welldone hamburger or a grilled cheese. My Korean wife loves cheese. She'll have beef soup if the beef flavor is flat and wholesome and not gamey. She'll also do pumpkin porridge. 

A simple late night snack is just strawberries over sponge cake topped with milk. My pregnant wife loves fruit and milk so I make this for her regularly. It's simple, fresh and delicious. I just bought the castella bread from Paris Baguette. 

I try and stay prepared with foods she might enjoy for when a craving hits. Fruit is something I buy regularly. She also likes chocopies. If I see soft white bread, I will pick that up. Pumpkin porridge (Hobak Juk) or Red Bean Porridge (Patjuk) is a good thing to get if it is around as well. Oh and milk. 

Coming home with gifts of food is satisfying and appreciated by my wife because it relays that I have been thinking of her and our family and I want them to be well. 


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