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Gangnam Review: Helen's Kitchen : Rice Wine Bar

Helen's Kitchen Helen’s Kitchen : Korean Cloudy Rice Wine Bar Makgeolli is called farmer’s alcohol because it is a simple alcohol made from ground rice, water and yeast (nuruk). Served chilled, this drink has a crisp taste and it is slightly carbonated so it goes well with greasy dishes such as onion or potato pancake or spicy dishes as sauteed pork in chili paste or kimchi and tofu. Makgeolli can differ from city to city and the taste can be altered by the use of different rice or by adding bean, corn, herbs, and even fruit like raspberry. Helen’s Kitchen offers a wide range of artisan makgeollis served with traditional dishes such as savory seafood and onion pancakes, tofu with kimchi, acorn jelly with chive salad, and grilled garlic octopus that are a fine match with the drink. They have seasonal makgeolli's and specials on most nights. At Helen's Kitchen you can taste a wide range of different makgeolli's. They have makgeolli's at different price points

Soy-marinated Crab: Pro-Soy Crab

Pro-soy Crab in Sinsadong One of the better meals that I have had this year has been at Pro-kanjang Gyejang. This place specializes in soy-sauce marinated crab. This dish is a delicacy in Korean culture and some might (I heard that Chef Pierre Gagnaire didn't care for this dish). This is a dish that most people can only have at certain times of the year and winter is the best time for the crabs gorge themselves on food to get ready for mating season. What sets Pro-kanjang gyejang apart from other places that the crab is delicate in texture yet not overpowering in flavor. Some of the places that make this dish make the dish too salty and it requires several bowls of rice in order to eat it. Here the crabs are full of flavor and yet subtle enough that you can eat a whole plate of them without any rice at all. They are simply addictive. I was lucky enough to follow Chef Andreas of the JW Marriot Hotel to Prosoycrab. He was doing a shoot for a German Television Show and I wa

It takes 24 hours to marinate pigs feet at Pyeongando Jokbal jip (Korean Marinated Pigs Feet)

Pyeongando Jip's Famous Marinated Pig's Feet (Jokbal) in Seoul, Korea Pyeongando Jip's Famous Marinated Pig's Feet (Jokbal) in Seoul, Korea Pyeongando Jip is famous for their marinated pig's feet and during the dinner rush you'll often see a line out the door even in winter. The owner, now grandmother, Lee Gyeong-soon is a no nonsense woman that is all about efficiency and order. Since her place is an institution, so she can run it the way she would like. The place is not pretty or modern- it actually looks quite drab. Good thing that this doesn't affect the taste of the marinated pig's feet. The recipe is Gyeong-soon's secret and the feet have to be marinated for 24 hours before they are cooked. The meet falls off the bone and the normally chewy pig feet is tender and buttery. It is absolutely  delicious. It even feels healthy when you eat the meat with some garlic and wrapped in lettuce. Gyeong-soon assured me that this was good for

Revisited: Giant Mandu Hotpot at Sadong Myeonok

Sadong Myeonok Good restaurants are places you want to go to again and again and introduce to your friends. Sadong Myeonok is exactly that type of restaurant. It's famous for their giant dumplings that they make hotpots with it with beef, noodles, and veggies in a rich broth. There is also an egg yolk that they put in an onion and you mix the yolk into the broth. The dumplings are great and so is the seafood pancake. It is so crisp that it is mouthwatering. The restaurant has been around for over 25 years and the owner said that many famous politicians including Lee Myeong-bak has been there. I can see why. The place has great food. Here is the original post I wrote on the place with contact information and directions Giant Dumplings Joseph and his Hot Pot Mandu Jeongol Yummy Dumpling Banchan Seafood Pancake Me and the owner Sadong Myeonok

Exploring the Old Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market: Fish Mongers at Work Noryangjin Fish Market: Shot from above Noryangjin Fish Market: Octopus in Waiting Noryangjin Fish Market: Shellfish of Doom Noryangjin Fish Market: Bright-eyed Snapper Noryangjin Fish Market: Miso Skate Noryangjin Fish Market: Jelly Fish Noodles Noryanjin Fish Market: Mackerel: Ready for Grilling Noryangjin Fish Market: Byeong-oh or Butterfish, by either name, delicious Noryangjin Fish Market: Swordfish sans Sword Noryangjin Fish Market: Fresh catch by the man wearing eye shadow Noryangjin Fish Market: Alive Breakfast  This post is part of my "Seoul Tourist" articles written for visitors to Korea. If you are looking to visit Seoul on vacation and are interested in exploring the city. If you are looking to do a tour of the market, feel free to contact me at seouleats at gmail dot com. This is of the Old Fish Market, the new fish market will open in August 2015. The Noryangin Fish