Dan can Cook: Spicy Pork Rice Rolls (Jaeyok Kimbap)

Ok, I will admit it. I was a bad boy last week so my lovely wife was a little upset with me. So on Sunday, I had to make it up to her. While she slept, I cleaned the house (even though I still think it would be easier to hire a maid); I went shopping (in the rain...the sacrifices you make for love) and then I made homemade rice rolls or Korean kimbap. 

I have to admit, they turned out pretty darn well. Here is the set up.
Spicy Pork Rice Rolls Set up (Kimbap)
Now the pork, I got some moksal (meat from around the neck) and then I chopped it up really fine and then cooked it with some oil, red chili paste, plum extract (maesil), garlic powder and a bit of sugar. Just make sure to stir or the sauce will stick to the pan and burn. I simply julienned the cucumbers (take out the seeds) and carrots. For the rice, I took it out, and added some lemon vinegar (my new favorite vinegar in Korea. I also bought some kimbap seaweed, sesame leaves (gaennip) and some yellow turnip.

It's pretty easy to put it together. This is my first attempt. Rice first, but be sure to get some plastic gloves or it will stick all over your hands.


Afterwards, I added the spicy pork and rolled using a kimbap mat. I brushed it with sesame oil and then cut.

Korean kimbap sesame oil
I have to admit, not so pretty. So I changed up my method on the second attempt. 

Spicy Pork
I found out the you need to separate the pork from the rice so I put the cucumbers, turnip and carrots on the bottom, the sesame leaves on top and then the pork. They looked and tasted much better. The good thing is that my wife forgave me but now requests I make these more often. 

Spicy Pork Rice rolls Jayok Kimbap

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