Closed: Grand Opening at Booming G

Lasagna at Booming G
Salmon at Booming G

The come fast and go fast. Booming G is not closed, they fired their chef and decided to go with a cafe model with crappy food just after 1 month. It is sad sad sad when management doesn't give a place. RIP Booming G. Hello just another cafe in a city full of cafes. 

Give props to chef Bora Song though. If anyone is looking to hire a talented chef send me an email. 


I was lucky to be invited to the opening of Booming G in the New Sidus HQ Tower in Gangnam. The chef is Bora Song who is well known in the foodie community. She has set up a great Italian focused menu and she uses her creativity to add depth of flavor to her dishes. 

While I was there I had an excellent free-form lasagna made with fresh noodles. I loved the meat and sauce on it. There is a secret ingredient in it to give it body. Ask the chef to find out what it is. 
Risotto from Booming G
Chicken Wing from Booming G
Her mushroom risotto was creamy and poppy. I thought finally I found a place that made risotto with arborio rice but nope she hacked it. The poppy texture was made by adding barley and rice. We also had a salmon dish that had crispy skin and salmon cooked just right. 

They have a decent beer selection as well. This is one of those places I will be back to visit and I hope it does well. 
Fricken Toy Museum at Booming G

Chef Bora from Booming G

Oh, and in and around the restaurant is a fricken toy museum with all sorts of stuff from Star Wars to Marvel. Awesome. 

Congrats Chef Bora!

Booming G
267-15 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul basement 1
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