Tech Stuff: The New Apples Photo App is a Downgrade, Not Upgrade

Apple New Photos App 2015
Just a quick review on this new update by Apple, I don't really see any improvements and there is a serious flaw: you can't drag and drop photos from the app into another application like a blog. You can't even find the file, because it takes the files hostage like it did in the past. The filters and adjustments aren't amazing, I find that Fotor is better and or I would rather just drop into VSCO and back.

Plus I think they should have added preview before you import (something Lightroom offers and I find invaluable.)

Sigh...I was really looking forward to this but it is just a way to sell you on iCloud (20 gigs for $.99). But why do this option when flickr offers a terabyte for free.

Basically, the app is trying to take all of your photos hostage. Been there, done that. I migrated everything to flickr and I will use Lightroom.

Oh...thanks apple, my icloud storage is now full. I'm ok with that. I'm moving on.
new Photos App for mac is a downgrade

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