Weekend Bites: Chef Meili, W-Mall Food Court and A Scary Baby

It was a good foodie weekend. I met up with some friends. I was interviewed by the BBC for a segment on young entrepreneurs in Korea (yeesh, I don't think I'm young anymore, but I'll take it) and I ate a lot of good stuff. Here is a round up.

Chef Meili's Austrian Deli
Chef Meili
First of all, I visited my old friend Christian Meilinger over the weekend. I had heard that he had moved on to Austria but his sausages and deli meats would stay in Korea just taken over by Mission Springs Restaurant. Apparently, yes and no. He is still here because he feels he has a responsibility to his customers and so he has set up a small deli over by Hannam-dong. He is serving up his handmade sausages and delicatessen treats. The place is not as fancy as his last place but the food is still excellent.

Chef Meili
Austrian Deli
Click here for the map on your phone Seoul, Seongdong-gu Oksu-dong 475

Food Court at W-Mall

25 Layer Cutlets from W-Mall
W-Mall Food Court

It looks like the gourmet food court scene is not going to die off any time soon. After shopping with the wife, we went to the food court in the W-mall to get some bites. The space is very nice however, the place you order is super cramp and disorganized. I think for such a nice space, they should have automated machines or something. Anyway, while its nice to get decent food brands in a food court, it comes down to the staff. Some of the stuff were fine, but I felt others were not. Especially, Chunshin Pocha. This was one of my favorite places back when Samcheongdong was a quiet, unknown place. They served amazing dumplings and noodles before they franchised. Now the meat in the mandu that I got was...alien looking and the dumplings looked like they just poached it in oil instead of cooking it. The noodle dish looked like Chinese noodles but they lacked salt and taste. My pregnant wife was disappointed and that is not something you want to do. We also had the 25 layer pork cutlets and the tteokbokki from Gukdae tteokbokki. These were alright. The 25 layer pork cutlet from 25 Katsu was interesting but not much different from regular pork cutlets. My wife and I decided we liked their udon soup.

W-Mall Food Court
Click here to open the map on your mobile Geumchan-gu Gasan-dong 4th Floor

After lunch we went shopping for baby stuff and we spotted this scary baby trying to get out.
Scary Baby

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