Snapshots from Seoul: Birthday Cake and Chopsticks and other Shots

Korean Birthday Cake. They eat it wit chopsticks and usually together as a group instead of getting lots of plates and stuff.
These days, I am busy working at a Delectable Travels and it is nice to be part of a good team. For years I worked independently or at small startups. I thought that working at a company was inhuman and against the "entrepreneurial" spirit. It's nice to have support and other opinions to help a business thrive. During lunches and such, I don't have as much time as I used to to find all the best eats. Luckily after work, we can do that. Anyway, these are just some snapshots I have taken and wanted to share with you. I particularly love the first one which is of our team celebrating a colleagues' birthday party. The cake was actually pretty good. It was the banana cake from Paris Baguette. The cake was light and it had fresh marshmallows. Oh, marshmallows are a thing now and I think will be trendy this year.

Enjoy the pics.


Korean biker: I know a little out of focus, but I wanted to capture the energy and movement.

Military Stew (budae chiggae) with ramen

A walk through a Korean market

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