West Side Seoul Food Tour: Hipsters and Good Eats

There is fire on the Hipster Seoul Tour

This is Iron Man Hipster on the Hipster Seoul Tour

This is an OG Korean Hipster

Lots of Fun on the Hipster Seoul Tour
As Seoul has become a more popular destination for tourists, the real Seoulites have had to move to adjust to rising rents and food prices. In the hip district of Mullae-dong, artists and machinists have taken residence to transform the area to a cool art village with urban art pieces, art studios, restaurants and cafes right next to machinists transforming steel into industrial works. It will show you the cool, undiscovered area of Seoul as we dine at famous restaurants and eateries. This is a 3 hour tour. Food and drinks are included.

 *See a hipster art village
 *Try Great Korean Food: Korean Pancake, Fried Chicken, Barbecue and dessert
 *Learn about Korean Culture through stories and fun drinking games Tour info Tours cost 80 USD a person (minimum 3) and starts from Mullae Station (Green Line) Exit 7 at 5pm on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays and by appointment. Private Tours are available. Email us at eat@delectabletravels.com

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