Eating Apple Pie and Red Velvet Cake with Chopsticks

The other day, my company was invited out to the Dragon Hill Lodge to see the facilities. The meetings went well and another cool thing was we were able to introduce real American Apple Pie and Red Velvet Cake to our staff. 

The apple pie from the base has a thick crust and there are lots of sweet apples in a cinnamony-sugar syrup. It just tastes like America. The red velvet cake there is absolutely delicious as well. The cake is spongy with lots of semi-sweet cream cheese. 

Now what we didn't expect was that our staff was going to cut it all up and eat it with chopsticks. It actually worked pretty well and it took up less time and resources (no plates needed). Next time I'm going to bring some ice cream. Let's see if they can eat that with chopsticks. 


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