Breakfast at the mother and baby care center 산후조리원

Breakfast at the mother and baby care center 산후조리원. Women after given birth stay for two weeks at the center to have nurses help take care of the babies and to give women the chance to recover. I think it is a great system. The women receive classes on how to breast feed, how to take care of the baby and they have support so they can rest. Doctors also make sure women are not having any complications from the pregnancy. Husbands can stay here as well since we have a small apartment we stay in. The cost is low: only about 150 usd a day. I think other countries in the world should have this instead of sending mothers home right after a day. I think it also helps with post pregnancy depression. After we go home we'll have a nurse come during the day for a month to give the wife support. This I feel is a bit overkill but it's what Korea does and it's what my wife wants. #koreareallife #korea #baby #koreanfood #pregnancy

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