Coffee Illua @ Cheolsan: A Chillaxing Cafe that gets it right.

 I miss the days I would just spend a morning writing or reading. I find that most cafes in Korea are just too hectic and loud. I found this new cafe called Coffee Illua that is big, open, with good atmosphere, ample power sockets, good coffee and with wide windows. I feel I can relax here, study and simply get my center. The food is decent as well and so is the coffee. I got a pretzel dog and it was a bit more artisan than a packet you get at the supermarket. The rainbow cake was decent as well for a 6,000 won slice. The coffee is medium bodied with good balance so I can drink it without getting too fidgety. They have bathrooms nearby as well that are clean. What else can I ask for? I might have found my new hangout.
Coffee Illua
245-5 Cheolsan-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do
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