The princess without a name

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So... my daughter is almost a month old and we haven't named her yet. We have nicknames for her, but we haven't officially given her a name. We have to soon because we will soon have to register her at the city hall and with the US embassy. We have thought of different options such as giving her a Korean name, give her a name that would work in Korea and in English. My mother-in-law and mother have suggested names, but I feel they aren't names that define her. I feel they just aren't good enough.

Also, some of the names that I have come up with have some baggage such as it reminds me of someone in the past. It could be a neutral feeling, but I don't want to associate my new daughter with someone in the past. Is it petty? I don't know but that is the way that I feel.

 I have been doing all sorts of searches to find the perfect name. Like this.  and this Koreans have a thing they don't like to name people after family members for people that have passed so that's out.

Baby Names from baby

I guess I could name her after a literary character but I feel it is so cliched to name a child Zoe or Delores. Sigh... I guess, I'll just have to wait for that epiphany moment. Wait! I could name her Pip.

No that's stupid. I'd rather her have a childhood than not. I guess I could name her Sue.

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