Brooklyn Burger Diner at Garusugil

Hey all its been a fat week. I finally got over to the new Brooklyn burger. It was outstanding. The Hamburger patty was juicy yet held together. The cheese was oozy and of good quality. The bun was soft yet pliable enough to hold all the deliciousness inside. I had the cheddar burger and it was amazing except for the excessive sauce. Next time I would get that on the side. The Fritos chili was spot on as well. The chili was just spicy enough and the crunchy Fritos added the right amount of salt. The milkshake was delightful. In the future I might just get that. It was whipped till light and it was creamy. I had the Nutella burnt marshmallow one and it reminded me of s'mores. Brooklyn Burger has elevated their game and the interior has that diner feel from home. Of course you are paying for nostalgia. This lunch came to about 44,000 but I thought worth it. 

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