One of the best: Margherita Pizza from Fabbro


The chef from the famous Daejangjangi (Blacksmith) Hwadeok Pizza in Bukchon have opened up an upscale Italian restaurant in the same area. The Italian restaurant is set in a hanok and decorated with antique furniture and serving ware that delightfully merges Korean and Italian traditions. The open beams and the high hanok ceilings lit up by the simple iron candlers make the venue look like a cathedral for foodies. Everything feels crafted like the black iron pizza pans and the ceramic pizza pans. The oven is centrally placed like an altar and it is obviously the heart of the entire restaurant. Pizzas come out with perfectly baked crusts freckled with a bit of char- evidence of the duel the food had with fire in the oven. The pizzas are all topped with a tart sauce and top quality ingredients. The Pulcinella Bianca has black olives, ham, homemade ricotta cheese, ream and mushrooms- amazing. There is also the Ripieno which is a calzone style pizza stuffed with veggies, meat and cheese. They also have great pastas such as their seafood pasta which is like a bouillabaisse. They even make some unusual pastas like the ridged Reginette and slick Pappardelle. Their ricotta and pita salad comes with a crescent moon pita and pure ricotta cheese. This is definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in Seoul.

Daejangjangi Fabbro
Jongno-gu Gahoedong 202-1


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