Dining Around Brunch At the Millenium Hilton Hotel

Sushi from Genji at the Millenium Hilton Seoul
Asparagus Soup from the Millenium Hilton Seoul
Trout from the Millenium Hilton Seoul
Steak from the Millenium Hilton Seoul
Ratatouille from the Millenium Hilton Seoul
If you are looking for a classy Sunday brunch, I recommend the Millenium Hilton Hotel which I was lucky enough to be invited to last weekend. I love their spacious lobby and the views of Namsan Mountain. They have the excellent buffets and restaurants but it really is hard to choose which place to eat at. For people that want it all, they have an excellent new concept called "Sunday Dine Around Brunch." Basically you get to mix and match a course from all of their different restaurants to create your own custom meal along with wine, drinks and dessert. It's nice because you have waiters serve you so you can focus on your guests. Plus, you get to share with what your friends have. 

I went with a sushi course to start then asparagus soup, pan-fried trout, ratatouille and then some dessert. My friend had a steak, a salmon, and a pasta course. Our hosts had a Chinese soup, foie gras and some other stuff. All of it was well plated and was a good starting point for conversation. 

We sat at the terrace of the Il Pointe restaurant so it felt like we were out on a spring day. After our meal they had a dessert station so we could get some fruits and desserts. Their lemon meringue tarts were my favorite. 

For this full 5 course meal it was 110,000 a person with drinks (juice, coffee, beer, wine included) and at a classy hotel that is great value. If you are looking for something sophisticated to do this weekend I recommend that you check out the Millennium Hilton Hotel's Il Pointe restaurant. Plus right after, you can go for a walk on Namsan Mountain. 

Millennium Seoul Hilton
Address: 50 Sowol-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Dessert from Millenium Hilton Seoul

Dessert from the Millenium Hilton Seoul
Hanging out with Celebrities at Millenium Hilton Seoul

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