The iPad Pro is the Computer I have been waiting for

iPad Pro
I have been patient and I have waited a long time for my next productivity laptop. I have used macs for about 11 years now. I purchased my last one about 5 years ago: a 13 inch MacBook Pro. I have debated upgrading to a 15 inch but since it is locked down from upgrading the memory the hard drive and more for more money has prevented me. I like tinkering with it and I like that my MacBooks can be futureproofed for about 4 years. However the new MacBooks don't allow that and while it is a bit faster; they look like typewriters to me. 

These days it is all about content production and I feel the iPad pro is the all in one solution. If it is fast enough and large enough that is. It looks like it is fast enough and the large number of apps I have purchased can be put to good use on a bigger machine. 

I mean VSCO or enlight is more intuitive to me than photoshop and I have never had a problem with iMovie. Now if I can do it all on one machine, there is no need to really switch. Plus the numerous other apps can compliment writing, publishing, event planning and more. Plus it has a camera. I mean all the productivity suites I use work on iOS so there is very little change. 

The only problems I have had with an iPad is excel. Damn the iPad hates spreadsheets but I think the new office fixes that, so it is all good. Google docs and google forms sucked on the iPad as well but recent updates have fixed that a bit. 

In my field of work, it is all about content production and communications. I need tools that will let me take an idea to form and then execute. I feel this is the tool to do it. 

Now I am a tad peeved that it only has 128 gigs but I have a ravpower air drive that will alleviate that problem I think. I wish it had a USB port as well or a USBC port but it just has a stupid lightning port. Anyway, it doesn't matter since Apple has all my productivity apps. I will just have to do a workflow that gets stuff off the computer. 

Anyway, I can't wait till this is released. I am looking forward to it being my main machine and using my MacBook for legacy stuff or maybe I can use it to show daughter educational movies. 


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