Made: New American Bistro in Apgujeong

I went on a date with the wife to Made: a new American bistro where you can customize your meal options and get some craft beer or cocktails to go with it. The atmosphere is bright and industrial with many great lights. I like the wood accents all around. We started off with some Italian croquette balls which where quite good and had little bits of cheese in it. Good but a tad too filling. The second course were some sliders. These I enjoyed. The pork sliders had an Italian herbaceous (actually most of the food has a New York Italian flair). The beef and gravy sliders were very homey and the chicken one was alright. I liked all the sauces with the food which tasted bright, well balanced, and fresh. Their focaccia was good as well. Now I wish I could have stayed for the whole meal but I had a work meeting so I couldn't stay and try the lasagna or chicken and biscuits with gravy. Sigh. Gemma Wardle taunted me with a picture of it. Oh, well it just means I will have to go back soon. 

Made is located by Apgujeong Station exit 3 
Address: Gangnam-Gu 17 Nonhyeon-ro 175 Gil 

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