Cream Udon, Japanese-style at Togging by Irene Kim

Hi all, My name is Irene and I'm a 20 something girl in Korea and I wanted to introduce some of my favorite eats. "Tokki Jeong" is one of the hottest restaurants in Gangnam area. Their concept is ‘Home style Japanese Food’. The whole restaurant looks like modern Japanese house which is really cool. I recommend this place as for a date since the price range is from 5,000 won to 18,000 won so it’s not that expensive but you can make your girlfriend or boyfriend happy with the good atmosphere and delicious food. I went there with my girls though.

The menu is quite diverse from Korokke, fried vegetables, fired meats (Sutbul Gui), Japanese style of soup to Cream Curry Udon. First, I recommend to try Korokke for an appetizer. Especially if you or your partner are sharing, you should order this. It’s very crispy inside and it is full of mashed potato. It is especially delicious with the white cream sauce but... the biggest reason why I'm telling you to get the app is that it takes a pretty long time to get your food. Every single main dish takes over 15 minutes to cook them.

For the main dish, Cream Curry Udon is their best seller. It’s just simple. White cream sauce is poured over the Japanese Curry Udon. It might be the smoothest Curry Udon in the world. Honestly, I was worried it could be greasy and fatty because of all the cream, but I just couldn't resist; it's just too good. All of my friends were yelling ‘yummy!’ when they tried it. Now it’s one of our favorite dishes.

I also recommend the Sutbul Gui, the grilled, fired meats. You can choose between the pork and the beef but you can also order half and half. The pork is quite spicy and the beef tastes like Bulgogi. But they are directly chargrilled so you can taste the deep taste of meat. I ordered half and half with rice topped with green onion. It’s served with soy sauce, so you could pour the sauce on your rice.

How can you get there? Go out to exit 4 of Sinnonhyon station and go straight then you will find the alley between Wooribank and Ritzcarlton Hotel. Go into the alley then just go three more blocks, finally you can find there on the right side! And one more tip. As is said it’s very popular these days, so you may see the very long line in front of the door. So if you don’t wanna be one of them, just download a restaurant reservation app ‘Sunbuni’ and make a reservation!

Read more to see the menu!

Bio: Irene Kim: Hi, my name is Irene. I’m 25 years old and I live in Seoul. I really love to eat all kinds of delicious food and hangout with my friends. So sometimes, I would like to share about my Seoul life to you guys especially for food, hangout and the culture of Korea.

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