Homemade Apple Sauce for my Baby Hazell

My wife told me something something quite revealing today. She said, "Women are expected to sacrifice for their children. They should breast feed their babies, they are expected to make the baby food. They are expected to watch and take care of their children all the time from the cradle to the grave." Growing up in America, I figured that was both of the parents jobs. She told me, "In Korea, the burden of child rearing is mainly on the mothers. Fathers are supposed to support the family financially."

On trips to the supermarket, I realized that most supermarkets do not have baby food. You know the little jars of peas, carrots, apple sauce and all the other stuff. Most women in Korea make their children's baby food themselves. My wife has a special machine (which I will have to show you later) that will steam and then mince the food into natural baby food. We are also very careful to have organic and pesticide-free products for our child.

Since my baby was about 6 months we have been starting to feed her solid food. We started with just rice. Then it was rice with some beef. Then beef with rice and broccoli. Today she had some peas (which she loved) and then we made her some apple sauce. It was simply an organic apple that we ground down and served. Simple, healthy and delicious. 

I really admire this idea of child rearing and I think that it must help set the foundation for healthy eating growing up. Also, not having processed food will probably stop Hazell from having food allergies and other problems as she gets older. 

Alright, bye for now. Have a great day.


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