Dan Can Cook: Buchujeon

Buchujeon Pancakes are simple and easy to make. The secret is the batter which should be made with half buchu powder and half glutinous rice powder. Of course you could do this with buchu powder and regular flour which would add more crispiness. To make the mix you add ice cold water to the mix and stir till it has the consistency of yogurt. I mean regular yogurt, not Greek. You cut up the buchu, the green onions into a 4 centimeter length and then mix it in with the yogurt consistency mix. Add oil to a pan and then fry till crispy. I like to add an egg on top and then flip it to add a bit of body to the pancake but you can skip that if you'd like. Serve it with a sauce made with 1/2 vinegar, 1/3 soy sauce and some red pepper powder.

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