Barley Gulbi Fish and Soy Marinated Crab at Dongshim

This is one of my favorite places for barley dried gulbi or corvina fish and soy marinated crab. The place has been around for more than 30 years and it used to be a family house that was turned into a restaurant. This place is old school and the furniture and layout is very much like a home. The food is unadulterated and pure. It is just good food made from good ingredients using tried and true techniques. Their soy marinated crab has that pungent, saltiness that you would expect and their stone bowl rice is the perfect accompaniment. Their barley fish has a texture and smell like a fine parmesan cheese. I could eat two of them by myself if I was given a chance. The place is more expensive than others but it is worth it. The barley fish meal is 28,000 a person and the soy marinated crab is 29,000 won. If you are looking for classic Korean food this is the place.

Phone: 02-2267-4862
Address: Seoul Junggu Pildong 1ga 9-1 
Korean information:

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