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I am pretty psyched to be watching Captain America: Civil War #korea

Quinoa Avocado Bowl with A Red Wine Vingarette #superfood #맛스타그램

Ginger-Yuja Milk Tea from Mullaedong #milktea #korea

Watermelon soda from Korea! #watermelon #soda

Rice cakes, cake and charms from my daughter's 100th day party. In one month she will be a year old. #love #babygirl #korea

The KFC in Korea now has Tabasco flavored fried chicken and burgers. All of Korea rejoiced. #이태원 #kfc

Bacon Popup today at Brick Yard at 4pm. This is a reminder for those invited. We'll be doing another one soon for more of you soon. #baconpopupseoul #맛있어 #이태원

Just met the parents of @the_koda isn't he cute? Follow to see his adventures! #cute #spitz #japanesespitz

My Six Favorite Naengmyeon 냉면 Places in Korea by Daniel Gray

Clash of Grandmas: A Cooking Competition Needs Grandmas that Can Cook!

The cherry blossom petals are falling. So sad. Enjoy them before they are all gone.

A Mess! Is what happens when you turn your back on a baby

It's not impossible to go carb and sugar-free in Korea. I have lasted a week and lost 4 pounds!

Spam flavored Macadamia Nuts! What will they think of next!

Seoul's Cherry Blossoms. Go for a walk today

Jerry and Livi Eat Korea!

I am having an food testing day with Ifood Korea. Here is a Korean taco made with pork spine meat. Thanks @chadyim #korea #taco #lunch

I made some kimchi fried rice with bacon! #baconmakeseverythingbetter #bacon #lunch #korea