Clash of Grandmas: A Cooking Competition Needs Grandmas that Can Cook!

Clash of Grandmas!

My name is Costa Nicolas and I’m a Casting Associate for Clash of The Grandmas, a cooking competition show on Food Network.

We are currently casting for an upcoming season of our show that will feature grandmothers competing to win a large cash prize. Last year our winner received $10,000! I would love to find some wonderful culinary grandmothers who can represent their hometowns in our upcoming season of the show. In the past grandmothers working at culinary schools, restaurants, bakeries, community centers, home goods stores, etc. have done well on our show. 

We absolutely love personal referrals so it’s my job to get the word out about our show early!

Please feel free to pass this email on.

Please address all emails to Costa
About the show:
"Four grandmas enter, but only one will emerge as champion in Clash of the Grandmas! Whatever grandma says or does is culinary law, and in this competition, four grandma super-cooks will prove they have what it takes to put together the most delicious meal imaginable. Our judges will determine which granny's comfort food is worth $10,000.”

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