Peking Duck from Dadong restaurant, Beijing

Peking Duck from Dadong restaurant, Beijing Epic Peking Duck from Dadong. Lives up to the hype and it is excellent. The skin is like caramel foie gras when dipped in sugar. Yes, with sugar. The meat is moist and clean tasting- not gamey and I loved the condiments and wraps for the duck. Have it with some greens -I got the bitter greens (not bitter) and some tea. The whole meal was around $50usd for a half duck but I could have easily eaten a whole one. One caveat, chef's are great but servers are not really attentive. You have to be a bit demanding to get what you want. Oh, and don't be intimidated by the giant novel-like menus. Just get to the duck section and get that and order a side of greens and the condiments. #duck #beijing #pekingduck #dadong @cbcebulski @ajumamacbus

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