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The Coronavirus Wars: Doomsday Preppers mixed with Storage Wars and Pawn Stars

So how does a food blogger and tour operator get into the whole medical supply industry? I had a guest who was in the business. She had some mask for sale: the 3M ones. So I helped her hook up with a buyer for that and yeah it's been non-stop ever since. In the in the three weeks since I've started I've seen the masks sell at wholesale prices from $1 to up to $7. Retail they sell at $10, $15 dollars and more. The 3M masks are most desired. Maybe is because of the endorsement of the medical community. This crisis has caused a shortage in supply and a high increase in the price. People are buying and hoarding, they wait until they feel they can make maximum price and then sell. Usually they would sell in boxes of 20 and now they're going by piece. People believe these masks are going to prevent catching the Coronavirus. I know that this is not the case. The only thing that will prevent this virus is cleanliness and awareness. The 3M masks for medical professional

South Korea is in Street Food from the makers of Chef's Table on Netflix

Wow! The trailer of Street Food Asia by the Creators of Chef’s Table finally came out! It looks great and I love the heart and message of it. It is amazing to see a small part of it since I helped work on the Korea episode. It was a long process and we pitched dozens of ideas but I feel Korea is justly represented. Thank you to Ursula Collison and Tamara Rosenfeld for working with our crew to get the green light on the Korea episode. Out of 195 countries in the world we were 1 of 10. Thank you to my amazing local crew: Hyemin, Yoonie, Junhee, Taesan and everyone else. Thank you to Yoonsun Cho, the Park family from Pakgane, the Four Seasons Hotel and Hong Lim’s banchan store. Thank you to Brian McGinn for making it all the way to Korea. Geez... too many people to list. Watch the episode and see it on April 26th on Netflix. Spread the word.

Kimchi Salt

Yoonie's family has a salt farm off on the island of Palsae off the south western coast. It is artisan-made sea salt that is harvested by hand and aged for 3 years. The salt in the region is regarded as one of the important ingredients in making kimchi. We have been selling it wholesale to companies in Korea, China and Japan for decades. We are currently in talks to bring the salt to Europe and the Americas. If there are others looking to purchase salt, let us know and checkout our website at